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Christmas is coming!

Dear friends

By the time readers receive this copy of Stanley’s own the season of Advent will have begun (Sunday the 3rd of December) and preparations for Christmas will be well under way. Over recent years the Church has lit four Advent candles on the four Sundays preceding Christmas day. Symbolically the Advent Candles demonstrate the strong contrast between darkness and light. In John’s gospel Ch 8 v12 Jesus described Himself as the light of the World, contrasted with the darkness of Sin.

As each week passes by during Advent another candle is lit and we can contemplate the fact that God incarnate came down to earth to redeem (buy back) those who put their faith and trust in Him.

There are several different symbolisms attached to Advent candles and I would be the first to say this does not come from scripture, this is just an example.

  1. Represents the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

  2. Represents the peace that is found in Jesus Christ.

  3. Represents the love we can have in Christ.

  4. Represents the Joy we can find in Jesus.

History had spanned a long time before the Prophesy recorded in Isaiah 9: (pt of v 6/7 For unto a child is born and the government will be upon His Shoulder/He will be called mighty God, everlasting Father prince of peace) was finally fulfilled and the Saviour came into the world in a humble stable at Bethlehem, but this reminds us that just as God kept His promises regarding Jesus first Advent, so He will regarding His second.

In Act’s Ch1 v11 we read that while Jesus was ascending into heaven following His resurrection from the dead, two men in white apparel (probably angels) and said to the disciples gazing up into the sky, that He would come in like manner as they had seen Him go. This reminds us that Jesus 2nd Advent will be far more dramatic than His first and will catch many by surprise, but if the Christ of Christmas becomes our Saviour we can be ready for far more joy and peace than Christmas can ever provide.

May this Christmas time we all have a personal encounter with Jesus the Saviour of the World.

On Sunday the 17th of December at 10:45 everyone is invited to come to Winsor’s Christmas celebration service, followed by seasonal refreshments.

On Christmas Eve Sunday the 24th of December at 10:45 everyone is invited to Winsor’s Christmas meditation and carols.

On Christmas Day Monday the 25th of December at 9:45-10.30 we will be joining Lyndhurst Baptist for their family Service.

On Sunday the 31st of December at 10:45 our theme will be looking forward and praying for the New Year.

As usual we welcome you to join us in praise and worship on Sundays at 10:45 AM. On the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 11:00 AM we take a short service at Forest Court nursing home and every Tuesday at 7:30 PM there is a house group, prayer meeting held in member’s homes.

If you need any help or information please contact Andy Aldridge on 023 80292049.

We are also delighted to invite you to join our fitness class led by Annamaria held at the Church on Mondays from 7:00 PM to 8:00

PM. It would be helpful if you could come with comfortable shoes. It is much better to do it together, and encourage each other! She is looking forward to meeting you!!

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